Achievements in the field of Research and Community Service (PPM)

In order to realize the synergistic and sustainable Tri Dharma of higher education, the implementation of research at FATETA IPB has been designed in such a way as in the FATETA IPB Research and Community Service (PPM) roadmap guide which is coordinated by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB. The research activities carried out by FATETA IPB are carried out in line with the aim of realizing IPB as a world-class research-based university by increasing the quality and quantity of research as the basis for implementing the Tri Dharma of higher education.

In detail, the implementation of research at FATETA IPB aims to support IPB towards a world-class research-based university; establish and develop a leading research umbrella (grand research); explore and improve the efficiency of the use of research funds; increase the focus of research in order to achieve IPB as a world-class research-based university in producing human resources who are pious, independent, and intellectual in line with the development of science and technology; improve the quality and productivity of research in the form of publications in national and international scientific forums, publications in accredited national journals (SINTA) and reputable international journals, teaching materials, appropriate technology, and intellectual property rights; increase the relevance of the use of research results within the framework of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education; and increasing the role of FATETA IPB in accelerating regional and national development towards a prosperous Indonesian society. FATETA IPB has had a proud track record of research reputation.

In the field of PPM, the entire Fateta Department with quality students and lecturers has collaborated with various parties in the context of service and community service. The following is more detailed information regarding the focus of research and community service carried out by all departments at FATETA: