Achievements in the field of Community Service

FATETA has carried out various community service activities (PkM) either carried out by individual lecturers, under the coordination of departments or faculties, or in the form of Real Work Lecture activities carried out by students. PkM activities in the form of technology dissemination have contributed to community empowerment. There have also been many collaborations with PkM activities, both with government and private agencies. Opportunities that must be exploited are potential funding for PkM activities from various sources (national/international donor agencies), the government, and the private sector. FATETA's work programs related to the field of research and PkM to address the various challenges identified above are as follows:

  1. Develop research and PkM in responding to the challenges of IR 4.0 which are multidisciplinary which can be carried out across departments at FATETA, or offered as research & PkM in collaboration with other parties (other departments/centers in IPB, research institutions/institutions outside IPB both nationally as well as internationally, and industry).
  2. Building a collaborative ecosystem consisting of lecturers in the same field/related or inter-departmental fields for proposing research/PKM proposals to various research funding institutions (government/private).
  3. Strengthen multidisciplinary research collaboration and PkM with various agencies (national/international) or with industry.