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For more than a month IPB University has implemented an entry restriction policy on campus (Partially Closed Down) in preventing the spread of COVID-19 outbreaks. The impact of this policy, the lecturing and the work of work units in IPB changed to the distance lecture/online lectures and various work carried online.

To save electricity when learning and working online, lecturer from the Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology (Fateta), Lilis Sucahyo, STP, MSi gave some tips.

According to him we better use a smartphone when doing video conference when lecturing or online meetings. Especially if only listening to the lecture or interactive discussion.

“Laptop or notebook are only used when sharing screen or doing presentation needed or to operate certain software during the lecture or online meetings. Turn of the video sharing feature when allowed and use headphone to listen to the sound,”he said.

In addition, we can adjust the brightness level at low screen brightness level and also activate the power saving mode. Avoid multitasking applications that are not needed during the lectures or meetings in progress.

“To extend the life of lithium battery, charge it regularly at a level of 30-80 percent. Avoid over charging and charging overnight or in a long term,”he added. (IAAS/ELS)

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By Fateta