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In order to contribute to the agro-industry development in Indonesia, the Industrial Technology Student Association (HIMALOGIN) of IPB University conducted a National Creative Industry Talk Seminar on Sunday (29/9) at the Dramaga Campus. The National Seminar with the theme ‘Creative Business Opportunities Towards Superior Indonesian Agro-industry which Competes in the Global Market’ was a series of Festival of Agroindustry (FOA) activities that are routinely held annually. This activity was attended by nearly 200 participants.

Creative Industry Talk Seminar aimed to provide education and raise awareness of millennials in the agro-industry sector. The agro-industry sector is very important and able to answer the challenges of agricultural innovation in the future. In his remarks, Ardani Lukman explained that FOA had many series of activities that began last week, including competitions which involved students at the national level, namely essays, infographics, technopreneurship, and the Agroindustrial Science Olympiad (OSA) competition. The hope was that young people can find out and even work in the field of agro-industry such as starting a business and others.

“Before this seminar, there was also an exhibition of Nusantara Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) products on Sunday (22/9). And on the same day, a social project called Action Without Plastic was also held by collecting a thousand plastic bottles in collaboration with the government of Bogor City. This seminar activity is also interesting because it presents speakers who are experts in the field of agro-industry,” added Ardani Lukman.

The 2019 FOA Seminar was opened by Prof Suprihatin, Chair of the Department of Industrial Technology, IPB University. In his remarks, Prof Suprihatin explained the challenges of the future development of agro-industry and the potential of the Indonesian people in achieving progress in the agro-industry sector. “Agro-industry is the link between the production and marketing activities of agricultural products. In terms of commodities, Indonesia has great potential with its natural resources. Agricultural commodities, as the main raw material, should be placed in the best place. Effective and efficient processing will produce the best products and minimise waste,” said Prof Suprihatin.

Eddy Siswanto as Secretary of the Directorate General of Small and Medium Industries and Miscellaneous (IKMA) of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry became the Keynote Speaker of this seminar and explained the potential and policy of agro-industry development. “The development of agro-industry will have an impact on the creation of employment opportunities and equitable development. Efforts to accelerate and expand can be done through mapping agro-industries that are competitive in terms of the comparative advantages in the international market. High linkage ranging from upstream to downstream is one way to strengthen the agro-industry subsector so that the acceleration and expansion of sustainable economic development can be achieved,” explained Eddy Siswanto.

The event continued with a Talkshow session attended by Adhy S Lukman, Bitina Pravitri, and Faldy Poetra. Adhy S Lukman as Chairperson of the Indonesian Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs Association (GAPPMI) explained the improvement of creative businesses based on agriculture and the condition of food and beverage entrepreneurs in Indonesia today. “Innovations in the agro-industry continue to increase. We must be creative to avoid defeat in the competition. The idea of an innovative product does not have to be completely new; otherwise, we can take advantage of the historical value in a product. For example, innovation in the field of vegetable juice and what values are there in the product. Hopefully, the roles of students in agro-business will increase,” explained Adhy S Lukman.

Meanwhile, other resource persons, Bitina Pravitri and Faldy Poetra, who are business drivers at Re Juve Indonesia, explained how business challenges that used to be still a bit on the market are now increasing. Re Juve Indonesia is an industry that sells juice from pure fruits and vegetables without the addition of sugar and water.

The 2nd Talkshow featured Emmanuel Andrew, the Operations Coordinator at Fore Coffee, as the resource person. Emmanuel explained how to start a creative business strategy. “We can take advantage of all the elements that can be used as the latest innovations, such as technological developments, the best quality, and different nuances. All of that can be used as a mainstay for the sustainability of our business even though there are many competitors,” said Emmanuel Andrew. (HA/ris/zsp)

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Published Date : 02-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Ardani Lukman, Prof Suprihatin, Eddy Siswanto

Keyword : agro-industry, Industrial Technology Student Association (Himalogin), IPB University

By Fateta

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