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Facing COVID-19, Fateta IPB University Galang Donates to Provide Online SKL Services - Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian

Everyone was troubled by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. The government has taken steps to prevent wider transmission of this outbreak. Likewise the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (Fateta), which followed up on the direction of IPB University in doing Work From Home (WFH) or working from home and studying at home for students.

The Dean of Fateta IPB University, Prof. Dr. Kudang Boro Seminar said that Fateta had collected data on students who could not go home (still living on campus or around campus) by forming a Student Monitoring and Handling Team during the COVID-19 Response Period.

“We have also distributed aid in the form of money and groceries. There are packages of nine-basic necessities and cash we distribute to 36 traders or workers in the Sapta Fateta Canteen which are collected from donors in the IPB University Fateta environment,” he said.

In addition, there are 434 food packages collected from donors by the Sapta Fateta Cooperative given to contract employees in the Fateta, Free Daily Workers (THL) within IPB University, off-campus community, students and pedicab drivers.

Prof. Kudang added that related to the policy of IPB University, which took Partially Closed Down and extended the limitation of campus admission until April 19, 2020, Fateta required education staff (Tendis) and lecturers to work from home (Work From Home / WFH) while still providing maximum services to students. Except for janitors, Fateta still assigns tendons to the picket system.

He emphasized that Fateta IPB University also provides online academic administration services for Fateta students through and online SKL services that can be accessed on .. (IAAS / NAS)

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